WiProwess,LLC is a premier design and integration partner with WildCharge, awire-free power technology company. Through our relationship withWildCharge, their technology added with creative and meaningful design,WiProwess is positioned to design, integrate, and create wire-freepower technology solutions.


WiProwesshas a unique relationship with WildCharge, the leader in wire-freeconductive power technology. Through a recent Certified Design Center(CDC) and Licensing Agreement, WiProwess is an official CertifiedDesign Center that will assist other companies with the integration ofthe WildCharge wire-free power technology. The Licensing Agreementallows WiProwess to design, market, and sell products into applicationsthat utilize the WildCharge wire-free power technology. Through ourcollective relationships and wireless experience, we can make ourclient’s wireless expectations a reality.

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